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sv; tom
friends only
This is locked. If you wanna be added just comment and I will add you no problem. All icons/graphics are gonna be posted here

Hi, saw you while browsing around LJ. You seem pretty interesting, add me?

Is This the Amber I went to school with from west side? I don't like usin last names.....well, this is Amber too....Do you know who I am yet? lol

Hey, we seem to have a lot of the same interests and mutual friends, so I added you. Hope that's okay!

Saw that you like to make alot of icons especially for GH and so do I, so I added you.

hi. i found your journal thru a friend of mine. I would love to add you. Your icons are amazing!

Awwww thank you very much, that means alot to me. Sure added you right back! :)

Amber ...

Can you email me? I lost your email addy and I want to ask you something.


amber!! its me lauren!!! u know meeee ;)

wanna dd me as ur friend? ::flowers::

Tiff loves you, therefore I wamt in for 'cool' purposes hehe.

Tis Roxie.
Add me?

Roxie, the person who Tiff tells me to add alll the time! Of course I added you back :)

i thought u were never gunna add me ;)

stubbled upon your lj, and it seems we have alot in common. add me?

Sure added back! Awwww Clark/Lana I miss the beginning of the season!

I just wanted to let you know that I added you! :) You are very good at making icons PLUS you like a lot of the same shows that I do. I was really glad to see Wildfire in the mix!

Awww thank you so much! I loooove Wildfire, and Junior/Kris so I am so adding you back.

Can I friend you? We have a some of the same fandoms & a few mutual LJ friends.

Is it ok if I added you? I've seen you around FF and I love your icons.

Aww thank you! Yeah sure..added back :)

Hi, I've seen you around on FF and I love your icons! Hope it's alright if I added you :)

Awww sure not a problem! I love new friends!

hii. i just wanted to say
i love this journal. i was
looking on some community
and i found it and can i
just tell you i love your
mood theme // layout. and
your icons are gorgeous.

do you mind if i add you.
add me back? ♥

hey! it's jess (othluvr23) from ff! add me?

Hey Jess, sure added you back!

Hey, you seem cool and we have alot in common. Add me?

Hey, it's Maria Kr. on FF, mind adding me back?

Add me please. I like your icons and I love Falcon Beach and Jason/Paige. So pretty. :)

adddd me?! :] i saw your header and i was like =O paige & jason, yaayy!

I've seen you around! I'm a HUGE "One Tree Hill" fan...sophia Bush and General Hospital fan and I love your graphics. Add me?

Hey it's tutorgirl23 and I got this new LJ! Add me again?

Hi. I'm a huge fan of GH/ABC soaps and I love your icons. Wanna add me? :)


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