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no title not intresting enough
sv; tom
I am so proud of myself, hee. I finally finished my new moodtheme. I have been working on it for a while and then last night I was frustrated and deleted the whole thing and started over and now I am very pleased with it. Its pretty much everything I have on my computer although while I was making it I did happen to put alot of GH in it. Mainly Scott/Lindze, Dillion/Georgie, and I really have no idea why pictures just went with the moods.

Okay and now I am gonna go cuz a. I am hungry and b. Charmed is on with evil!Cole. It is actually possible that I like him now when I didnt really like him then. Yeah, I am weird you all know this. And now, I'm seriously gonna go. Real update later and sorry to my flist I havent checked it in like a day so I will do that later on.

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Very cool. My daughter and I love Dillon!! :)

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